Lucky Laces is a not-for-profit organization started with the intention of raising awareness and support for those
whose lives have been affected by a spinal cord injury. As founder of Lucky Laces Inc. I have a true passion for my
cause because it hits very close to home for me.
When my brother was 25 years old he was in an accident leaving him
quadriplegic. The accident changed his life and it also changed mine. Watching his day to day struggles has made me
realize the world just doesn't truly understand what people like him go through. Having once lived a normal active life my
brother is now at the mercy of others to help him with his daily routine, never to be fully independent again. Not being
able to walk is the least of his worries. People with spinal cord injuries have health issues many couldn't imagine. For
instance, with a spinal cord injury, the body's thermostat can be permanently damaged causing an inability to maintain
normal body temperature. And, since there is a loss of sensation, a minor scratch or irritation to the skin can become a
major ulcer or life-threatening infection before it is even discovered.

In hopes of raising awareness I have created bracelets made of shoelaces that are printed
with the motto
"I Walk For Those Who Can't".
The proceeds of these bracelets along with fund raising events are used to
improve the quality of life for people living with paralysis
through grants, information and advocacy.
We are also a resource to the family's of victims
with spinal cord injuries to help them understand
and cope with the life changing situation.

"A Lace To Wear To Show You Care" is the phrase Lucky Laces has
adopted in order to get our voices heard and help spread compassion.
It is easy to take for granted the simple joy of going for a walk.
No one plans for accidents to happen but they do. For many these
accidents are life changing. Every 41 minutes another
person sustains a spinal cord injury.
Today 1.3 million Americans have spinal cord injuries
and 1 in 50 in the U.S. Live with paralysis.
Supporting a cure impacts someone you love.

For information on how to get a bracelet and to make
a donation please
 "Buy a bracelet".
Donations are tax deductible.
Please help us raise awareness, today!

Carolyn Luckow
© 2007 Lucky Laces Incorporated is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.