April 18th, 1993 started out to
be a beautiful spring day. My
girlfriend and I had a funeral
to attend and, since it was so
nice out we decided to ride
there on our motorcycles. We
were not far from arriving  at
our destination when an
uninsured driver ran a stop
sign causing me to be
catapulted under her vehicle
and into another world where
I have lived ever since.
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Patrick Budani  
Injured April 1993
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In the summer of 2000, Joe
Testaverde was a normal
healthy teenager growing
up in a middle class town of
Wantagh, Long Island.  At
17, he was approaching his
senior year in high school
and was spending the
summer doing what he
loved best – fishing and
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Joey Testaverde
Injured July 2000
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Travis Roy
injured October 1995
A few weeks before
her wedding day,
Rachelle Friedman
went out for her
bachelorette party
with some close
friends last May.

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On July 5th, 2009, Kevin
sustained a C5 cervical
spinal cord injury after
fracturing his neck diving
into a swimming pool in
Hampton Bays, Long Island
Kevin McDermott
Injured July 2009
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Saira Sher with her nurse, Stephanie Mendez, joins
Wednesday's graduation procession at SUNY Ulster.
Sher, 21, was left paralyzed from the neck down
after she was struck by a drunken driver at 3. She is
a 2006 graduate of Ellenville High School.
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